Garden Clearance  

It can be a bit daunting when things have been neglected, but with the right tools, plant knowledge and experienced staff its never as bad as it looks. So if you have an area your slightly embarrassed about then don’t be as we quite like jobs like this as it gives us so much satisfaction when its done. 

Stump Grinding  

Trying to finish you garden is hard when you have stumps everywhere. You cant plant new things as there in the way or there sticking up in a lawn and you don’t want the lawn mower catching them. Our big grinder will just eat the stump and there’s no large lump of wood to get rid of once were done, just a bit a wood shavings. All stumps are different, some will grow back and some will die off. You may want to turf over the stump so you don’t need to go two deep or you may want it all out so you can replant. 
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